9 - 11 May 2023
Johannesburg Expo Centre (Nasrec), South Africa

Envisioning the future of Automation 

Hanli Goncalves

MD- The Brand and Story Bureau (Pty) Ltd

We were all expecting the next few years to hold bold transformation in the way we work and do business, but no one was expecting the sudden cataclysmic change that happened this year as a result of COVID-19. The worldwide pandemic has forever reshaped the landscape of the global economy and industry. 

Making jobs, not taking jobs...

Hanli Goncalves

MD, The Brand and Story Bureau (Pty) Ltd

I am always amazed by people’s reaction when one mentions 4IR or anything to do with new technology in conversation. Being very much involved with the 4th Industrial Revolution through our My Future 4.0 Summit and the impact it leaves in its wake on a daily basis, I find people’s opinions even more curious.

The importance of field devices in industrial cybersecurity

JHJ Pool Pr. Eng, M. (Eng), Proconics

There is little doubt that industrial systems are playing an increasingly important role in keeping the modern world working. The Covid19 pandemic again highlighted the importance of automation and maybe more critical the increased remote connectivity required by personnel.

The Africa Automation Technology Fair hosts 17 webinars successfully, establishing the event as a credible hybrid platform

Leatitia van Straten GM Marketing AATF 2021

The Africa Automation Technology Fair (AATF) hosted a series of virtual events from June to November 2020. The 17 webinars hosted over the six months served the needs of exhibitors needing the exposure of their product and service offerings to their potential and existing clientele. Due to the global coronavirus pandemic, lockdown restrictions prohibited large public gatherings and events, forcing suppliers to find alternative ways to keep their brands top of mind.