The Africa Automation Technology Fair hosts 17 webinars successfully, establishing the event as a credible hybrid platform

Leatitia ven Straten GM Marketing AATF 2021

The Africa Automation Technology Fair (AATF) hosted a series of virtual events from June to November 2020. The 17 webinars hosted over the six months served the needs of exhibitors needing the exposure of their product and service offerings to their potential and existing clientele. Due to the global coronavirus pandemic, lockdown restrictions prohibited large public gatherings and events, forcing suppliers to find alternative ways to keep their brands top of mind.

Attendees hungry for content and wanting to keep at the forefront of what is happening in the Automation Technology industry, flocked to the webinars to learn from and engage with panellists.  The virtual events attracted more than 800 quality attendees from multiple sectors throughout Africa and beyond.

If you missed the webinars, they are available on-demand on the AATF YouTube channel here:

The webinars assisted AATF in establishing the event as a credible hybrid platform, illustrating the tenacity of events to transform according to clients’ needs and external factors. The attendee numbers show a commitment from our visiting audience and a hunger to learn and keep in touch with what is happening in the automation technology industry.

The Africa Automation Technology Fair will be a hybrid event for the 2021 cycle, featuring newly created virtual opportunities for attendees that cannot be at the live event, such as matchmaking and networking, product demos and presentations by leading industry experts.

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