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Connect at the most comprehensive and focused Industrial Automation Technology platform in Africa.

Remain relevant in the highly competitive market of automation and technology and join Africa’s premier gathering of experts, decision makers and industry leaders at AATF2025 - the most comprehensive and focused Industrial Automation Technology platform in Africa.

Explore the exhibition floors, engage with innovative game-changers and industry experts and experience the benefits of solutions, products and services on offer at AATF2025. Key players looking to remain competitive should take advantage of our new show innovations as we continue to place industry pioneers in the spotlight and give you access to the latest automation technologies.

Nowhere else in Africa can you explore, engage and experience all the key players and great minds of the automation technology industry on one floor. Be inspired, be informed and remain up to date with the latest trends and book your opportunity to compare products, technologies and solutions now!

Why Visit?

Unique Networking Opportunities

Africa Automation Technology Fair gathers more Automation Technology experts and leaders than any other trade fair in Africa and provides you with opportunities to network and develop lasting relationships.


Industry 4.0 and Beyond

Industry 4.0 is no longer a future vision but reality, don't get left behind. Find out where South Africa is with industry 4.0 and explore strategies and solutions. Be inspired simply by walking the show floor.

Latest Technologies and Innovations

Nowhere else in Africa can you experience all the key players on one floor, enabling you to compare products, technologies and solutions

Our exhibitors showcase the latest technologies and innovations which allows you to keep up to date with the latest trends.

3 Free CPD Accredited Workshops

Get unparalleled, personalised educational experience to maintain, develop and enhance your knowledge, understanding and skills. Master emerging trends and developments with insights direct from industry pioneers.

Discover Ways Automation Can Benefit

Discover ways automation can benefit you and when and how to integrate it

AATF will illustrate ways to overcome manufacturing stagnation and fast track growth, by showcasing the latest technologies, solutions and models for next-generation manufacturing.

Showcase Like No Other

Missing this event is like being out of the loop for three years. Exhibitors from every facet of the Automation Technology industry are on-hand showcasing the latest technologies along with improvements to long-standing products.

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Net Promoter Score

At Reed Exhibitions we pride ourselves on being innovative and responding to the needs of our markets. We continuously use the feedback from our valued exhibitors to develop our shows for the mutual benefit of our clients, delegates, exhibitors and partners alike.   We strive to improve and be better all the time and will be presenting you with a survey to complete at the end of the show.  This will give us valuable insights into your business objectives and needs and will help us serve your needs better!  The survey includes a number of questions, but the most valuable to us is whether you would promote the show to a colleague or a friend. We call this the Net Promoter Score (NPS).

80% of referrals in business are word of mouth, so the NPS is a crucial metric for us to understand if we are producing a show that our exhibitors find valuable and beneficial enough to promote to their peers. The question is posed as a rating between 0 and 10, with ratings of 9 or 10 considered to be referral worthy, ratings under 6 considered not likely to be promoted or referred, and ratings of 7 and 8 as being indecisive.

We hope that you will take the time to complete the survey after the show so that we are able to improve the value it has to your business and other business for future shows.

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